Thursday, 5 June 2014

What's happening with 20 mph in East Reading?

Those of you who have been following the Green Party's campaign for more 20 mph speed limits across Reading, and our success at getting a large East Reading zone might be confused having seen the recent maps and consultation notices.


Initially the Council produced a number of very small 20 mph zones. We lobbied and they agreed to progress a large zone in East Reading. This proposed zone would join up the smaller zones in Park Ward and also include some of Redlands.

The Council had always said that main roads would be excluded from the zone – London Road, Wokingham Road and Kings Road. We disagreed with this as we thought it important to address accident blackspots like Cemetery Junction and Kings Road, but we failed to win that part of the campaign.

So when the recent consultation notices and maps were released  by the Council only showing a zone taking in some of Redlands and half of Park Ward we were very disappointed as this goes against what we had been told was happening.

However I have now heard back from the Network Manager and he has assured me that they are promoting two phases of Traffic Regulation Order (the legal documentation which sits behind all lining and signing of our roads). The first which is currently out taking in part of Redlands and half for Park Ward. The second which will be out later in the year takes in the rest of Park Ward and a few other odds and ends like Granby Gardens. Although consulted on separately both phases will be implemented at the same time later in the year.

We will keep working for 20 mph where people live, work, walk and cycle across the whole of Reading.

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