Monday, 23 June 2014

Let's talk waste meeting #rdguk

One of Reading Green Party manifesto priorities is dealing with waste, fly tipping and litter. Our key policy in this area was to see more home composting and a food waste collection for those unable to compost themselves. To this end we are looking to set up a community composting network across Reading.

We want people to come along to June’s business meeting where we will be discussing how we can make this happen.

What – Waste discussion
When – 8pm on Thursday June 26
Where – upstairs at RISC

Composting is important because every year the UK throws away 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes. The waste food is estimated to cost £5 billion a year and wastes resources, harms the environment and costs the country £23 billion a year.

If we can turn food waste from a problem (land fill) into a commodity (compost) there are many benefits.
If you have ideas or questions, are interested in local food production or saving waste you are welcome to come along.

The discussion will take place after the Green Party business meeting at 8pm on Thursday June 26 upstairs in RISC.

If you don’t know about community composting the link below contains a lot of interesting information.

Best wishes
Rob White
Green Councillor

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