Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What do you think about the new Redlands area parking scheme?

Residents' parking signRedlands councillors have recently published plans for a large parking scheme across Old Redlands. In Redlands Green campaigner Kizzi Murtagh has also been working on parking problems and so we welcome these draft proposals for discussion however we also have concerns.

Below are links to a plan view of each road, from Redlands councillors, details of the exhibition and our concerns.

Let us know what you think and if you would like us to update you on further developments by email. You can do this by emailing me:

Overview plan

Erleigh Road plan

Kendrick Road plan

Allcroft Road plan

Morgan Road

Redlands Road plan

Redlands Road plan A3

Erleigh, Denmark and Alexandra roads plan

Addington Road plan

Upper Redlands Road plan

Elmhurst Road plan

Alexandra Road plan

Eldon Square plan

Donnington Road and Blenheim Road plan

Cardigan, Foxhill, Blenheim Gardens, Hatherley and Donnington Gardens plan

Redlands councillors have organised a drop-in exhibition on the scheme, details below.

When: Monday 28 September 2015 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: St Lukes Church Hall, Erleigh Road

This scheme is a "draft for discussion". What do you think? My general thoughts are below.

Alternatives to private car ownership

Having knocked on many doors in the Old Redlands area recently it is not clear to me that residents' parking on its own will solve parking problems in the area. More work is needed on making alternatives to the car more attractive, thereby reducing car ownership, such as: better walking and cycling infrastructure (joined up cycle network), expansion of the Co-Wheels car sharing scheme, and cheaper bus fares.

Displaced parking

As always with permit parking, this scheme will create problems around its edges. We have again asked if Redlands councillors will work with us on this so we can minimise the impact on Park Ward residents. Either way, we will be working with residents to pre-empt any problems.

Visitors' hours

Some proposed residents' parking bays do not have any visitors' hours meaning that residents may go through their visitors' permits very quickly and end up having to buy more. More information on the council's website here:

Reduction in parking spaces

Some roads will lose 50% of their parking which will cause problems for people.

Hospital and University

Pressure also needs to be continued on the Hospital and University to get them to do their bit.

What do you think of the proposals? We will keep working with residents to improve the local area.