Friday, 13 June 2014

Tesco planning applications have gone in for Cemetery Junction #rdguk

Four planning applications have gone in from Tesco for their proposed Cemetery Junction shop.

Whilst it is good that empty shops will be filled again, I am still concerned about the impact that Tesco will have on the local area and the sheer number of stores that they will have in Reading and would rather those empty shops be filled with something else. Unfortunately, having spoken to Council planners it seems that there is little that can be objected to through the planning system.

However, I have asked for these planning applications to be called in, so they go before the planning applications committee rather than being decided by officers.

More detail in the e-mail below. Objections can be sent into Justin Turvey (

Councillor White,

Just to keep you updated on Tesco’s at Crown Colonnade, we have now received the following applications:

140729 (FUL)

-      Installation of ATM within new shopfront.

-      Application Valid. Consultations due to go out shortly.

140730 (FUL)

-      New shopfront including removal of shop front canopies and replacement roller shutters and security bollards

-      Application Valid. Consultations due to go out shortly.

140731 (ADV)

- Installation of 4 x illuminated fascia signs and 2 x non-illuminated illuminated projecting signs.

-      Application Valid. Consultations due to go out shortly.

140733 (FUL)

-      Installation of new plant to rear of retail unit comprising 1 x condenser and 3 x air conditioning units.

-       Application currently invalid.

Public consultation letters on the valid applications will be sent out early next week.

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