Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Thank you

Sorry, it has taken me a while but thank you to:

My partner Sam, and my family and friends for support.

The Green Party team: Adrian, Danny, Alan, Sarah, Sunil, Marjory, Andrew, Volker, Graham, Maitalal, Gyanraj, Buddha, Bed, Yam and the rest of my Nepalese/ex-Gurkha volunteer team, Oliwia, Tom, Tim, Kevin, Liz, Miriam, Hugh, Derek, Elise, Sid, Spencer, Laura, Darren.

Everyone else who helped knock on a door, deliver a leaflet, in the office or on election day.

Other people who supported the campaign in various ways: Jane, Andy, Hillary, Andy, Maurice, Mustafa, Mian, Khan.

Everyone who donated money to the campaign.

Everyone who voted Green.

John and all the Council staff who helped run the election.

Apologies to anyone who I have missed off by accident but I am still recovering.


Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Rob, you were a brilliant candidate, and will be an excellent Cllr.

Marjory Bisset said...

May I second that

SteveG said...

Many congratulations Rob!