Monday, 10 May 2010

Reading proportional representation protest

I got this press release from fellow Reading campaigner Peter Burt. We have never been closer to electoral reform and getting a fairer system in the form of proportional representation. But I fear that if we don't keep up the pressure on the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour this opportunity will slip between our fingers! So come along, and bring a friend family member or work colleague.

Press release and photo opportunity

For immediate release
10 May 2010

Reading demonstrates for real democracy!

Local campaigners will be calling for the next government to introduce a fair voting system in a demonstration taking place tomorrow outside Reading's Civic Centre.

Last week's general election result has provided an opportunity to make changes to Britain's flawed electoral system, in which the number of votes cast do not reflect the number of seats a party gains in Parliament, and the campaigners are determined that the next government should replace the current unfair voting system.

The campaigners will be wearing orange ribbons and clothing to reflect the spirit of Ukraine's Orange Revolution, which took place in 2005 when the people of Ukraine took to the streets following an unfair election between corrupt political parties and forced reforms in their country's political system.

The demonstration has been inspired by Saturday's protest in London, when over a thousand people demonstrated for a new electoral system outside the building where the Liberal Democrats were holding discussions on entering into government with the Conservatives.

The campaigners will be calling for the new Parliament to introduce a fair voting system based on proportional representation and hold a new election under the new rules within a year, and the demonstration will be a brief but dignified event taking place outside Reading Civic Centre on Tuesday lunchtime (11th May).

One of the local activists who will be attending the demonstration, Peter Burt, said: "The one thing that is definitely broken in Britain is our outdated and unfair voting system.

"The number of votes cast do not reflect the number of seats a party gets in Parliament, and in large parts of the country the system means that there is no realistic chance of anyone other than the two main parties with their similar policies winning. This is neither fair nor democratic.

"Tuesday's demo has not been arranged by any organisation or political party. The idea came when a few of us were chatting about the election results over the weekend. The results don't reflect the true pattern of voting, and it is obvious that we need a new system of voting in this country. We decided to organise the demonstration independently by contacting as many of our friends as possible and asking them to join us outside the Civic Centre on Tuesday.

"The new Parliament will be the best opportunity we have had for decades to introduce a fair electoral system that will reflect the number of votes cast during an election.

"However, the tabloid media and the political establishment will be doing their best to block any changes to the creaking system which represents their interests, so it's essential that members of the public all over the country stand up and demand real democracy now."

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Photographers are invited to attend the event and take photographs between 12.15 and 12.30 on Tuesday.

More info: e-mail me and I will put you in contact with Peter.
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