Saturday, 29 May 2010

Government cuts hit local project

RISC is the first local victim -- I have heard of -- of government cuts since the general election. I am sure that various other local projects/services will fall under the Conservative/LibDem axe which will mean more job losses and a further squeezing of public services. It is just this sort of thing which could put us into a double dip recession. It was only the Green Party at the general election which was coherently arguing against cuts.

Here is the message I received from the public RISC Facebook group:

"RISC's Global Schools Gardens Network is one of five projects to be cut within days of the general election. All other UK based projects funded by DfID will be reviewed.
Development Education is a vital part of DfID’s work, increasing support for development overseas and contributing to an informed and engaged population who are aware of the interdependent nature of the world and understand the impact
of our actions, locally and globally. RISC hopes that the new government has the vision and ambition to continue supporting quality global learning in our schools."

I should declare an interest here. I work for Food4Families, another RISC project.

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