Sunday, 2 May 2010

Green Party on crime

A close friend was recently assaulted in a violent unprovoked attack whilst walking home in Reading. Fortunately the emergency services responded quickly and thoroughly. However, like many victims, he hasn't received any emotional or financial support to help deal with the psychological trauma or travel costs to hospital. This is grossly unfair. We think that the victim must come first and the Green Party pledges to place the onus on the offender to restore the harm they have done.

Recently, to reduce crime and keep people safe I have campaigned against cuts to Police Community Support Officers in the University area and for better street lighting. I also work closely with the police, council and community as Chair of the Newtown Neighbourhood Action Group.

The Green Party's manifesto identifies societal inequalities as a major cause of crime and if elected I will work hard to make society more equal. Additionally, we will reduce the impact of drug-related crime, through dealing with drug addiction as a health issue and not waiting for it to become a crime issue. We will also increase provisions for young people to enable them to make life choices away from crime.

Fair is worth fighting for!

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