Thursday, 27 May 2010

Local Con-Dem coalition policy?

So, the Lib Dems locally have gone down the same route as the party nationally. But what does this mean? Nationally at the least the Con-Dems have published a policy statement. However locally, with no such combined manifesto, what policy is the coalition going to be advancing? The Lib Dems are in danger of getting the blame for the cuts which they surely must deliver without any clear local gains. Have I missed something?


Dan said...

Hmmm - they looked all excited about it in the paper - but can't see how it won't run into the sand quicker than the national coalition without a similar 'deal'? Maybe they made are just going to vote on a case by case basis - but will that work?

Rob White said...

If they did it case-by-case it wouldn't be a coalition.