Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Waste PFI stakeholder meeting

Last night I cycled over to the tip for a meeting on Reading's waste PFI contract (re3). After a brief introduction we had a tour around the Materials Recycling Facility. It was interesting to see exactly what happens to the waste from your red recycling bin, how it is processed (people, air jets, magnets and clever optical technology), and the bales of finished product.

It was very noisy even though the plant wasn't operating in the evening. Apparently this was the dust suppression, smell and ventilation system. I asked why this was needed when the plant wasn't in use but no one knew.

Apparently, the strangest thing to have been put into someone's recycling bin and found in the system was a goat! The plastic bag shredder had made a bit of a mess of it by the time it was discovered.

I believe the Council is planning a programme of tours and visits which will really help educate people.

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