Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First monthly report

After publishing the Acolaid data -- which shows how many items of work each councillor puts through the system and gives an indication of how active they are -- a number of councillors have started doing monthly or weekly reports -- as reported by Reading List. This is definitely a good thing, making what our councillors do more transparent and strengthening our democracy.

So, for those interested this is what I got up to in January for the Green Party and community:

-- knocked on doors in Park ward asking people about issues of concern

-- presented a petition to full Council asking them to improve the safety of the Alfred Sutton school crossing -- which they are doing

-- attended the Alfred Sutton school PTA meeting

-- launched a campaign for local libraries to loan out energy smart meters

-- replied to many items of casework on issues including parking, speeding, fly tipping etc

-- attended the Traffic Management Advisory Panel with residents concerned about traffic problems stemming from the closing off of Green Road

-- attended the Newtown NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) meeting and discussed how to build the group

-- met with Reading University's Student Liaison Officer to talk about student parking issues

-- met with Reading Credit Union to talk about publicity

-- attended the Greater Reading Environmental Network AGM

-- attended and spoke at the Gaza Crisis meeting

-- volunteered for the True Food Co-Op in Newtown

-- and started my crossing patrol training -- I will be covering one of the shifts at Alfred Sutton.


Oranjepan said...

Thanks for this Rob.

To be pernickerty I don't think 'knocked on doors' can be included unless you record either on how many occasions or how many doors were knocked - I mean, I've knocked on my neighbour's and friends doors several time in the past few days alone!

Equally, 'many' items of casework is too vague to be included in any data set.

I agree that transparency is necessary, but it is also vitally important that we uphold the same standards as those we demand from our representatives.

Rob White said...

Thanks for the feedback. It is always going to be a balance between the time it takes to do the report and keeping people informed of what I've been up to.