Thursday, 12 February 2009

AWE Burghfield planning application - another chance to have your say

Thanks to Peter drafting this:

Greetings everyone,

I know that many of you have been in touch with West Berkshire Council to register your objection to the planning application for the proposed new nuclear warhead assembly facility at AWE Burghfield. Here's your chance to have another say and add to the pressure on West Berkshire to turn down the application.

Although the planning application is outside the Reading Borough Council area it is quite close to the boundary between West Berkshire and Reading. Reading Borough Council are therefore consulting local residents on the application before making their own submission to West Berkshire.

If we can get Reading to oppose the objection, this is a powerful voice to add to those of the individual citizens who have already registered their concerns. Reading Borough Council sneakily hasn't advertised this consultation process, so the more comments that are made, the better.

Please send a quick email to Julie Williams at Reading Borough Council requesting politely that Reading Borough Council asks for the planning application to be withdrawn, or else considered at a public inquiry.

Points to make include:

- Reading is a major centre of population and the development should not be permitted on public safety grounds.
- The development is in a flood risk area, adding to the concerns.
- If allowed, the development would put constraints on other developments in the South Reading area until the 2050s.
- During the construction phase, there are likely to be significant impacts on the Burghfield Road - an important commuter route into Reading.

Please remember to include your name and address and quote application reference number 09/00163/ADJ (district reference 08/02287/COMIND - West Berkshire). Local residents only (ie Greater Reading area) for this one, I'm afraid!

Thanks as always for all your help - please forward to anyone else who may be interested.

Best wishes,


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Glenn said...

It disturbs me that had I not asked the Director of ENCAS for a meeting with AWE and RBC Planning staff (just after christmas), this might have slipped through without anyone in Reading realising! As it was a West Berkshire Council decision. The consultation letter from WBS was dated 3 Feb!

Thanks have to go to Peter Burt for putting this on my radar and for collating all the view environmental groups for us.

...and thanks Rob, you've reminded me to put this on our blog too!