Monday, 23 February 2009

Crossing patrol

I did my second crossing patrol slot today. There were the usual people parked on double yellow lines -- one of which moved when I pointed out that he could use the car park round the corner at the College Arms. The police might have been of assistance with moving the second car on, but they were distracted by children taking the mick out of them -- no arrests as far as I'm aware. When the same group of lads from the college came past surprisingly they enquired about volunteering, so I pointed them towards the Council's Road Safety Officer.

A little speedy yellow car did look as though it wasn't going to stop but one of my trusty police officers jumped out in the road -- an unwise move in my opinion -- and the car did stop -- no one was in danger except the police officer. As there hasn't been an afternoon crossing patrol at the school for a while now it will take a few months for people to get back into good habits I'm sure.


jane said...

competition for Basher McKenzie?

Rob White said...

I had been campaigning to get the crossing patrol vacancy filled for a couple of years. I was pleased when Richard stepped in to do the morning slots. All I'm doing is one afternoon slot a week. I'm hoping that others will see that it is possible just to do a little, and so do so.