Thursday, 5 February 2009

Reading List survey

Better late than never here is my response to the Reading List survey:

A1 - Who are you?

Rob White.

A2 - What is the title of your blog? (Please provide a link or URL)

A3 - When did you write your first post?

September 2008.

A4 - How many posts have you written in total?


B1 - What are your main areas of interest?

Politics and gardening.

B2 - Do you have any political interests you wish to promote? - If yes, please describe:

Green Party in Reading and Park ward -- which covers Newtown and up the Wokingham Road.

B3 - Do you have any commercial interests you wish to promote? - If yes, please describe:

I'm a gardener.

B4 - Do you have any other areas of interest you wish to tell other people about? - If yes, please describe:


C1 - What are you connections with Reading?

I worked here for my University sandwich year, came back after University and have lived here for about eight years now.

C2 - What do you think is the best thing about Reading?

Reading International Solidarity Centre.

C3 - What do you think is the worst thing about Reading?

The Oracle shopping centre.

C4 - How would you like to see Reading change in the future?

An end to those stubborn pockets of deprivation.

Would you be interested in participating in future Reading List Blog Network initiatives?


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