Thursday, 1 August 2013

Roads resurfaced, but for how long? #rdguk

A number of people have complained to me about roads being resurfaced and then deteriorating very quickly. I raised a few specific roads, which had been mentioned to me, below is the response. The main point raised is that roads being resurfaced are guaranteed for two years:

"Dear Councillor White,

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the Resurfacing Programme 2013/2014.

There is a 2 year guarantee on materials for schemes on both the major and minor resurfacing programme so the work scheduled for Rotherfield Way and Oxford Road over the next few weeks would have a materials guarantee of 2 years.

I have checked the records we hold and Rotherfield Way and the section of Oxford Road near Tilehurst Station do not appear to have been resurfaced in the last 10 years. Given it is at least 10 years any previous guarantees would have expired.

With regards to Kiln Road I cannot find any records of Kiln Road being resurfaced in recent years so any previous guarantees also would have expired.

Hope this is helpful."

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