Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Help clean up your community with @ReadingRESCUE #rdguk

Do you know of a grot spot in your local area? If so, why not get involved with Reading RESCUE – community clear up/litter pick – and organise an event to tidy it up?

If you don't want to organise one yourself, closer to the event a list is published and you can get involved with which ever event you choose.

Dear RESCUE Organisers

Hope you are well and enjoying the weather. Some updates from RESCUE that may be of interest, especially if you are looking to take part in our next event:

1) The RESCUE registration form is open until 16th September for clean up teams* to register for Autumn RESCUE, 10 - 12 October.

2) We have a refreshed website, which you can visit when you go to read our latest newsletter found on this page of the website.

3) We are just finalising the volunteer pack: a useful resource for new groups in particular.  I will notify you when this is complete and available on the website.

4) Lastly, the Mayor will be hosting an appreciation reception for RESCUE volunteers.  It will be in early September, so if you have been taking part in RESCUE for a few years, please expect an invite in your email box soon.

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