Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Walk for women in Reading #rdguk #walkforwomen

Just heard about this national event. And we have one going on in Reading.

A few words from Cath, the organiser:

I decided to try and organise the walk after finding out nothing had been set up for Reading - which seemed a huge shame - so it is a bit last minute! For me, not to mark this event would be to belittle the efforts of all those women (and men) who fought to alter society and thereby allow women like me to live as I choose today - in a tolerant & equal society in which I have both a voice and the right to vote. I think this becomes even more pertinent when you look at the situation in so many countries currently and the atrocities perpetrated against women who choose not to live under the religious dogma of the state , or who simply want to be educated... oops, think I might be ranting!?

The walk will start on Sunday from the Queen Vic statue near Reading Museum at 12.30pm. On the way through Newtown we will be picking up another group from by the Fisherman's Cottage and then slowly making our way to the Tea garden at Sonning Lock for refreshments before the return journey. Have had about 20 people show an interest so far, but I think turnout will be somewhat weather dependant!

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