Saturday, 23 April 2011


I think that the Reading International Solidarity Centre does a great job of development education in a whole host of areas -- social, and environmental, economic. And they surely have to be a candidate for making the best use of a building in the UK -- shop and cafe on the ground floor, meeting rooms on the first floor, office and accommodation on the third and fourth floors and a garden on the roof! Unfortunately they are yet another victim the devastating cuts. I got this message from them:

We are writing to you as a friend or user of RISC to tell you of our current financial situation. Our core educational work is threatened because we have lost two substantial government grants from DfID.

Our target is to raise £50,000 during the next financial year in order to avoid further drastic cuts to staff wages and services.

If you value the work and ethos of RISC, you can help us by becoming a REGULAR SUPPORTER:

• just £5 a month pledged by 200 supporters will yield £12,000 a year and will pay for core work such as the public events programme.


• £15 will support a month’s expenses for one of our invaluable volunteers
• £62 will pay for RISC’s glass recycling for one month
• £200 will pay for one month’s administration and maintenance of the Artefacts Loans Service
• £300 will pay for a Global Citizenship training day for a local school.
Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) is a Development Education Centre working with schools and community groups to raise the profile of global issues and promote action for sustainable development, human rights and social justice.

You can donate electronically.

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