Monday, 25 April 2011

Park Ward election campaign update

People keep asking me how the campaign is going in Park Ward to get Melanie Eastwood elected as our second Green councillor so I thought I would do a quick blog update.

Canvassing is going well. Our support from previous years seems to be holding up and we are also finding a reasonable number of new Green voters who like our emphasis on fairness, integrity and the environment or are disillusioned with all of the main parties for one reason or another. Many people have also commented that it is great that they see us all year-round and not just at election time looking for votes. If we haven't managed to catch you in yet but you plan to vote Green please let us know.

Again, we are winning the poster war with more up than any other party -- however it should be noted that in the past we have had more posters up and still lost! If you would like a poster dropping round let me know.

Still plenty to do between now and election day, but the team will keep plugging away and we will see what happens at the count.

Speaking of election day if you fancy helping out, there is plenty to do from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.. If you can spare the whole day or just a few hours please get in contact.


Peter Cranie said...

Good luck to Melanie. Sounds similar to our experience in Liverpool where there has been a positive reception on the doorstep and we are optimistic about holding our seat this year. The Lib Dem vote has collapsed up here and I wonder how much of an effect their presence in the coalition will be having around the country.

Dermot Yuille said...

You might be interested to see the upbeat assessment of Melanie's chances from a comment at :

I expect the Greens to take a seat in Reading on May 5th. They won this ward last year on May 6th after coming within 20 votes of doing so the previous year. It is usually a Labour ward but in 2007 it elected a Conservative, the first time since 1983 unless I am mistaken. Labour have also fielded a very weak candidate, so I expect there to be 2 Green Councillors on Reading BC when the votes are counted...

Rob White said...

Thanks for the moral support Peter.

Thanks for the information Dermot.