Friday, 8 April 2011

February Councillor report -- defending public services, 20 mph speed limits and RESCUE

Less than five weeks to go to the local elections! Things are obviously getting very busy, but here is a brief report on what I have been up to in February and March -- with support from my colleague Melanie Eastwood.

Briefly, I have continued to support parents fighting for a fair deal over changes to the Maiden Erlegh catchment area. I have worked with Reading Council for Racial Equality opposing their devastating cut. I organised a cleanup event as part of Reading RESCUE to tidy up Kennet Mouth. I also attended the launch event for the Outside Inside Festival.

Council meetings and briefings -- 5
Surgeries -- 3
School governor meetings -- 3
Community meetings and events -- 11
Enquiries and requests for repairs from residents -- 45 in February, March figure not available

Some of our action:
• worked to tackle estate agent boards
defended public services at the full council budget meeting

Some of our results:
helped tidy up Kennet Mouth
progress on 20 mph speed limits
got the Council to commit to consulting on opening the Cemetery Junction gate
• as usual we got countless instances of fly tipping cleared, graffiti cleaned, potholes filled and residents' questions answered.

• None claimed.

Gifts to declare -- over the value of £25:
• None.

My interests are published on Reading Borough Council's website.

Monthly councillor allowance (pay) before deductions: £685.08


Christine said...

I asked when I was a councillor about opening up a walking route through the cemetery and out via the family carriage gates in Wokingham Road. I did get the rotten wooden gates replaced with the current metal ones. But I also got a clear refusal to open the gates regularly as that would make it just too easy for the ungodly to thieve from the houses in St Bartholomews Road, leave via the back gardens, hop over the cemetery wall, and run out the gate unseen.

Rob White said...

That is a reasonable concern.

However, I think it could be worked around in a number of ways. Maybe the gate could be locked again after dark.