Saturday, 16 April 2011

Melanie Eastwood a second Green councillor

2011 is going to be an important year for the Green Party in Reading. We’re standing a full slate of candidates in the Borough and hoping to get Melanie Eastwood elected as a second councillor in Park Ward to work alongside myself. This would allow us to get more done in the area on schools, transport and parking. With two Green councillors we’d be more effective on the council, putting fairness, integrity and the environment at the centre of politics in Reading.

Melanie got involved with the Green Party after we knocked on her door, asking if she had any issues of concern. Since being selected as the candidate Melanie has been working closely with me. Together we have raised over 500 cases with the council on a range of issues in the area.

The Green Party has been active in Park Ward all year round since 2004. This has resulted in our vote going up at every election since and us winning by 574 votes in 2010! So we have momentum.

At the forthcoming local election on 5 May, Melanie will be the candidate up for election -- I am elected till 2014. However, we can use the Euro elections in 2009 as a guide. I wasn't standing at these elections, but we still outvoted every other party, winning by 362 votes. This shows we have a solid core of support locally.

There is much to do between now and election day. But I believe that the combination of the team's hard work and results, our solid base of support and our momentum stands us in good stead to elect a second councillor. So please vote Green on Thursday 5 May and help us do more to improve the area and secure a fair deal for local residents.

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