Wednesday, 20 October 2010

True Food Co-op takings update

Here are the True Food Co-op takings figures for the last few weeks. These are for the shop and markets combined:

Week starting:

13/09/10 -- £6543
20/09/10 -- £7258
27/09/10 -- £6846
04/10/10 -- £7721

As you can see we did hit the target for £7500 in the week starting 4th October. The next target is £8500 by the beginning of November. An extra £1000 a week sounds like a lot but with over 100 members if we all encouraged one new person to shop at True Food they would only need to spend £10 a week for us to make the target.

If you have not tried the True Food Co-op for your weekly shopping I can highly recommend it.

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