Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Reading Borough Council full Council meeting this evening

Full meeting of Reading Borough Council this evening. The full agenda is here. There are some interesting items up for debate tonight on Maiden Erlegh, free swimming and renewable energy to name a few.


Bruce Denney said...

When they get to the fire stuff..

According to the Fire Statistics Monitor: April 2009 - March 2010 328 people died in fires not 430, 209 deaths happened in peoples homes and so would not be affected by any council policy. Only 119 people died outside of the home.

Reading accounts for 0.37% of the UK population so this action would save one life every 2 years.

This is half the estimated deaths

In Reading there are an estimated 26 deaths per year from alcohol, 17 on the roads 3 murders and 1 as a result of circumcision.

The reason to do this is not the minuscule saving of life but the councils share of the property damage cost.

Can the council please tell us over what period the reduction in insurance premiums will pay for the cost and maintenance of these systems.

Would the expense of fitting and maintaining these systems, be better applied to areas where a greater public benefit could be seen?

Rob White said...

Thanks Bruce, I will raise this at the scrutiny event that is coming up.