Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Garden land development in Reading

I have received this e-mail from the planning section of the Council. Has anyone got any good or bad examples of garden land development?

"Dear Councillor,

As a result of changes to national Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing (PPS3), which removes private residential gardens from the definition of previously developed (brownfield) land, the Planning Section has been asked by Cllr Willis (Lead Councillor for Planning & Transport) to consider how the Council might approach a policy on garden land.

Following a recent discussion with Cllr Willis regarding this issue, I am emailing to ask you for examples of completed garden land development schemes, which you consider are either good or bad examples. I would be grateful if in providing this information you could set out your view as to why you consider a scheme is good or otherwise in planning terms. This will help to inform the preparation of a draft policy on garden land.

I would be grateful for a response within the next 2 weeks.


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