Monday, 23 August 2010


Established 1874, Re-formed 1891 and to be re-established 2010

All TUC Affiliated Unions with members/branches in the Reading Area are urged to nominate delegates to attend a meeting called for 10.30am on Saturday 18th September at the Unison Offices, Church Street, Reading.

Established in 1874 in response to the Criminal Law Amendment Act which introduced prosecution for participation in strikes, Reading Trades Council aimed at Uniting the great number of unions in the Town

Re- formed in 1891 the Trades Council continued that task for more than 100 years including from 1920 to 1945 constituted as Reading Trades Council & Labour Party.

Today the need is as great as ever, faced again with hostile governments both national and local. To protect our jobs, services and industries it is essential that unity and co-operation between unions is in place and to this end the meeting on the 18th September will consider the crisis facing unions in all sectors in the Reading Area, begin to build that unity of purpose and resolve to re-form the Reading Trades Union Council and apply to the Trades Union Congress for affiliation.

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