Thursday, 26 August 2010

English Defence League -- Berkshire...

The far right group the English Defence League came into existence in 2009.

"It claims to be a peaceful, non-racist organisation opposed only to "militant Islam". But many of its demonstrations have ended in confrontations with the police after some supporters became involved in violence, as well as racist and Islamophobic chanting." BBC website

I was therefore fairly concerned when I was out in the town centre on Saturday night, and some friends said they had seen people -- four -- with "English Defence League -- Berkshire" T-shirts on drinking in the Monks Retreat. True to form they were kicked out for alleged drug dealing by the staff.

A quick Google reveals that they have a Facebook group listing events and my friends must of seen them out in Reading for their 'meeting'.

With the October spending review looming, probably bringing massive cuts to public services, I fear groups like this will be on the rise and tensions between communities will increase.

Fortunately, in Reading all of our communities tend to rub along in relative harmony. Long may this continue.

The next positive event that is coming up is the Reading Interfaith walk. Unfortunately I am away that weekend, but I would urge anyone who cares about community cohesion to go along.

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Hello Rob

Sorry to bring up a different subject but...............

According to Reading Borough Council and RE3, a wood by-product contaminated with urea formaldehyde and resins (MDF) is being sent from Reading to Kent where it's burnt as an alleged biomass.

I have my doubts that the people of Kent are aware of this?