Monday, 23 August 2010

How active has your councillor been since the May elections?

After a bit of chasing I have managed to obtain the statistics on how active councillors have been. This spreadsheet shows how many items of casework -- raising housing issues on behalf of residents, reporting fly tipping, requesting repairs to streetlights for example, asking questions of officers on behalf of residents etc -- each councillor has put through the Front Office system in each month since the elections in May. As you can see there is a large range in the levels of activity.

As people have pointed out in the past casework is only one aspect of a councillor's work and I wouldn't expect the mayor for example to be doing much casework as he or she is busy being the figurehead of the council. But I still think it is a useful measure of how active your councillors are.


richardwillisuk said...

Not sure why you had to "chase" this Rob as I published the stats on 24 July!!! :-)

Rob White said...

I had to chase this as for some reason the results weren't published to all councillors. Glad to see that you are following in my footsteps and now publishing this information too -- despite being totally against it to start off with!!! :-)