Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New glass recycling bank for Newtown?

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As a Green I am always pushing recycling -- after reducing and reusing of course. Our local priority has been pushing for a food waste collection as this is the single biggest component of the average bin, but we would also like to see glass collected on the doorstep.

As a short-term stopgap I am always happy to listen to the experts -- residents -- and suggest good locations to the Council. About half a year ago a resident asked me if we could get a glass recycling bank installed at the River Kennet end of Cholmeley Road -- saying that there used to be one there. I passed on this request to the Council. I was delighted to see an e-mail in my inbox asking for my thoughts on this happening from a council officer.

My instinct is yes, it would be a good idea as it would bring glass recycling closer to a large number of Newtown residents, and the site is far enough away from any housing so as not to cause a noise nuisance. What do people think?

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