Thursday, 17 June 2010

Carers' week in Reading

I attended the carers' week event in Forbury Gardens earlier in the week. This is one of the many events which make up carers' week in Reading.

Amongst other people I talked to: The Stroke Association, Reading Social Services, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Ryder-Cheshire Volunteers, Crossroads Care, Mencap and Thrive. I also had my blood pressure taken -- 117/70 -- which is apparently good.

The thousands of voluntary carers in Reading provide an essential service to their loved ones and it is no understatement to say that without this unpaid and often unrecognized work, society wouldn't function as we know it.

With the Conservative-LibDem coalition nationally cutting services left, right and centre and with the same local coalition unfortunately refusing to rule out cuts to care locally next year it looks like the voluntary care sector will be one which will be growing quickly.

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