Monday, 28 June 2010

Academy schools in Reading

Here is the list of schools -- obtained through a Freedom of Information Request -- in Reading who have expressed an interest in becoming an academy.

NOT Outstanding Schools
All Saints Infants School
Blessed Hugh Faringdon
Geoffrey Field jnr
Norcot Early Years Centre

Outstanding Schools
Churchend Primary School
Kendrick School
Reading School
Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre

There is clear evidence that Academies do not improve performance and in some cases make it worse.

The Green Party has always spoken in favour of greater freedom for the school to decide how it is run. However this does not and must not mean putting the running of the school into the hands of a private sponsor who may know nothing or very little about education, and taking the power away from parents and teachers who have little representation on the governing body at an Academy.


kizzi said...

Hiya Rob, The problem with letting schools start to have more power is that if you give them an inch they will take a mile. I dont want my children attending an academy-what does that even mean? Private companies have NO place running schools. Can you imagine a small child doing a drawing of their favourite food but with a tescos label on the front? Its grooming the young minds of future consumers and is wrong. If we rid ourselves of private schools and redistributed the availability of those privilidges all children could benefit. Also if the gov allows failing schools to close, where are those children going to get an education? over subscription will be worse or we will end up with mega schools with even less one on one education for our children.

Rob White said...

I agree.

caz said...

I very strongly suggest that people pay attention to the following, particularly the comments section which link to solicitors letters from Schillings, acting on behalf of ARK Academies. It is worth noting that Arpad Busson, chairman of ARK, has since resigned, and the new chairman is Stanley Fink.