Friday, 26 December 2014

Progress on hazardous puddles at Cemetery Junction #rdguk

Small Rob White calls for action on puddlesFollowing pressure on the council and Thames Water regarding the ongoing problems with large hazardous puddles at Cemetery Junction, where they were both blaming each other, we've had a bit more progress. From the council:

"I met with a Thames Water engineer on site last week and jetted the gully in question, the blockage in the gully connection appears to be under the second lane of the Kings Road just before the Thames Water sewer. This means that it is within our sewer connection and we will look to resolve the problem with pooling water. Due to the location of the blockage we would need a full east bound closure of the King’s Road to repair the connection and would likely be both heavy cost and severe inconvenience to the public.
We are looking at alternative solutions to the drainage issue and are carrying out a levels survey in the New Year. This will allow us to explore other options that would require less disruption than having a full closure on the east bound carriageways."

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