Friday, 5 December 2014

Help turn the Green surge into votes in Reading

COPY May 2014 elections countThe Green Party stands for a fairer, healthier and more affordable society, and support for these values is surging. To make a difference for everyone in Reading, we need votes. To win votes we need to get our message of a brighter, greener, future out there. To do that costs money.

You can help by donating here and thanks to the many people who have already donated.

We know that more and more people are thinking about voting Green for the common good. If we can get our policies and successes – such as a living wage to tackle poverty and more renewables to reduce our carbon emissions – out there, we will increase our vote in May 2015.

There is currently a gap of about £2000 between what we need to spend and what we have in the bank. If you could donate £5, £10 or more towards our printing costs that would help us meet our target and get our message out to more and more people.

Donate here and we will turn your money into real change for Reading

Best wishes,

Rob White and Miriam Kennet

Green Party Parliamentary Candidates

Reading East and Reading West

PS you can donate instantly through PayPal here:

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