Monday, 15 December 2014

Enforcement of box junctions in Reading #rdguk

Box junction at Cholmeley RoadPeriodically someone raises the enforcement of box junctions with me. These are often blocked by parked cars sometimes creating a hazard for pedestrians crossing, sometimes making it hard for people to get out from a side road onto the main road. Unfortunately, outside of London, this is a police power and I have been unable to get the police to act on this road safety issue. At some undefined point in the future the council may obtain the ability to take over enforcement. See below for the latest update. Feel free to raise this with the police directly and let me know how you get on. We will keep looking for opportunities to make our roads safer.

"Reference your query regarding concerns from residents over the Road Traffic legislation contraventions of the box junction, I have consulted with my Council colleagues and our Roads Policing Department. The markings of the box junction are clear and should be visible to all drivers.
The council are not authorised to take any enforcement action against drivers ignoring the restrictions. I have asked that they review the signage at this location to see if any improvements need to, or can be made. Mr Beasley has informed me that he will look into this.
As you will appreciate this is a very busy location at peak hours, which is when the problem is at its peak. Due to the absence of a safe and suitable location to pull offending drivers over and the likely knock on effect of actually adding to the congestions and traffic issues in this busy stretch of road, a police operation is unsuitable. Our Roads Policing Dept will only target locations where there is a raised level of collisions, which is not the case, thankfully, at this site.
Both the Roads Policing Dept and the Neighbourhood Police Team are aware of the issue and will take the opportunity for educating drivers or enforcement whenever they observe such contraventions on their daily patrols. Additionally I have asked that this location be paid passing attention at peak hours, when possible, so there is a visible police presence to deter drivers stopping on the boxed junction."

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