Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Walk to Work Week, part 2 – The journey home #rdguk

Walk to work week this year is from 12-16 May 2014.

Below is a guest post from a pedestrian campaign in Reading.

Part 2 - The journey home

It’s been a hard, frustrating day at the office, the factory, the shop, the school. So why make it even worse by joining in the rush hour aggression at going home time?

On your way home why not enjoy the tranquillity of the footpath along the canal or river or the relaxing songs of the birds as you walk under the trees lining so many of Reading’s pavements or the freedom of enjoying some me time as your mind is freed up to ponder the important things of life – shall I stop to watch the swans or call in the riverside pub or perhaps spend some time chatting with that cheerful group discussing the pros and cons of green politics?

You can walk along the canal from the town centre to Newtown in 15 minutes but why hurry? Enjoy your independence and take 30 as the calming effect of walking beside the water takes over or take 60 by calling into a local riverside pub – perhaps to meet, chat and be merry with those close to you.

You’re not going to Newtown? No matter, relax and unwind on any number of other equally peaceful routes as you de-stress from the knotty problems of the day. The fresh air might even help to solve them.

You’ve done it! You’ve walked to or from work and what’s more you’ve had your daily 30 minutes exercise and you didn’t even realise it! Gain without pain! The same tomorrow?

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