Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Got repairs to Arthur Hill and Palmer Park gym. Casework success. #rdguk #parkward #casework #rdggreens

Following a resident contacting me on Facebook we've managed to get some improvements to both Arthur Hill and Palmer Park gym. The power of Facebook!

Officer response below:

"Arthur Hills

After thorough examination of the leaky areas in question, we have found the source of the problem to be condensation. The condensation is gathering on the pool ventilation shafts that run over the gym, due to insufficient lagging. The resulting condensation and excess moisture consequently drips on to and through the ceiling tiles.

I have made arrangements for the Councils property service team to apply lagging to the piping above the ceiling tiles to address this issue.

I have asked for this work to be completed in a timely fashion, and I will advise you upon its completion.

The resulting dampness in the atmosphere had been exacerbated by a poorly performing air conditioning unit.

In order to address this, we have cleaned the filters and in doing so, we immediately noticed a considerable difference in the air quality of the gym.

To ensure that there is no reoccurrence of this issue I have added the cleaning of filters to the weekly list of tasks for staff to complete.

We also looked at the extractor fans in the gym and found that they were performing poorly.

The Council’s property services team have also been asked to service/repair these to further improve air quality/circulation.

Palmer Park

The studio flooring at Palmer Park requires significant repair to address issues associated with the lifting of floor panels.

Quotes have been obtained for this work and I am in the process of seeking authorisation to undertake this work.

This will be progressed as a priority and I will update you as the order is placed and a timetable for the works has been confirmed.

So as to address the immediate issue, I have made arrangements for the temporary repairs to be revisited and addressed as required.

In respect of the concern raised about slipping, I am pleased to advise that this problem has now been resolved with the installation of air conditioning to the studio.

To ensure that this remains the case, we will continue to check the floor condition on a daily basis, whilst conducting routine cleansing."

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