Monday, 3 March 2014

Changes at the Granby #rdguk

The The Granby pub is a landmark at Cemetery Junction. It has lots of history and some protection in Reading's system and we recently defeated a plan to get rid of the bay windows at the front which has helped preserve the character of this building.

More recently the wooden windows have been replaced. We want to see the Granby back in use again, but it is a balance between supporting this and preserving the character of the building.

Below are a couple of responses from the planners in Reading on the situation.

"I’ve looked into this and you are quite correct, the Granby is subject to a local listing.
However, a local listing places no statutory requirement on an owner to obtain any permission that would not have applied had the building not been so listed, it is merely a material consideration for the planning system in determining any planning application that may be submitted.
As the Granby is not in a Conservation Area there is no requirement for planning permission to change windows provided that the appearance of the building is not materially changed. We will conduct a site visit to ascertain whether the work that has been done was likely to have required planning permission and then take any necessary action. I will get back to you when I know which way things are going.
As an aside, the work will have required building regs unless the installers were registered FENSA contractors. We will also check that out and, if necessary, apprise Building Control officers of the situation."

"Things have now moved on a bit – the windows have materially changed the appearance of the building and therefore would have required planning permission.
Planning enforcement investigation 14/00051 now refers. I will add you to the list of complainants so that you are kept up-dated as things progress."

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