Thursday, 23 May 2013

End of University term waste collection #rdguk

As usual, the council is having a push to keep the area tidy as students move out. Let me know of any problems and I can pass them on.

University Clearance Programme 2013

Refuse and recycling collections

The university summer term ends Friday 28th June 2013

Domestic waste (extra bags) will be collected –

W/commencing 12th June 2013

W/commencing 26th June 2013

Recycling waste (extra bags) will be collected

W/commencing 19th June 2013

W/commencing 3rd July 2013

  • Crews will collect all domestic or recycled bagged waste adjacent to bins throughout a three week period on the relevant week, in the lead up to a single additional Saturday collection on 6 July.
  • It is anticipated that the majority of bagged waste not collected during the preceding weeks will be presented in front gardens for collection on Saturday 6th July. Waste operations staff will collect all bagged waste from the area on this extra date.
  • The Waste Operation Management Team will survey the area daily (excluding weekends) and identify any properties with visible excess bagged waste. The team will arrange for the crew attending that property to take extra bagged waste on the domestic week following Saturday 6th July 2013.
  • Any complaints or councillor enquiries received by Streetcare Admin will be cleared without investigation by the attending crew on the next domestic collection after Saturday 6th July 2013.
  • As in previous years, no bulky waste collections will be made by Waste Operation staff. These are available to residents and landlords on request at a cost. Streetcare Environment Team to deliver Bulky Waste leaflets once students have vacated properties. The University will also advertise the service as part of the build up to the end of term.
  • Environmental Wardens will have previously visited various areas and have written to occupiers regarding items found in front gardens.
  • Environmental Wardens on late shifts each week will be tasked to knock on known student properties if possible to ensure as much household waste is presented in good time ahead of scheduled refuse collection each week.
  • Streetcare Environment Team to monitor properties after students move out to ensure landlords remove and dispose of appropriately bulky items and waste from gardens.

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