Monday, 13 May 2013

Arthur Hill report due #rdguk #rdg

I just had another briefing from a manager in Parks about the Arthur Hill Baths. Surveyors have done a report on the problem – a corroded beam – and his expectation was that it will be with the Council later today. The report will set out a number of options to get the baths open again, each coming at a particular price and each with its pros and cons. Hopefully I will get updated on this either later today or tomorrow.

The feeling that I got was that it should be possible to reopen the baths, but obviously it will come at a price outside the normal maintenance budget for the site, and this money will have to come from somewhere. This will be a councillor decision, not sure though whether it will be taken by the existing lead member or under the new committee system, I guess it depends on how quickly things move.

When I find out any more I will post it up on my blog.

How are people getting on without access to the baths and gym?

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