Sunday, 6 January 2013

Broken gym equipment at Palmer Park #rdg

A number of you have raised the issue of broken gym equipment in the Palmer Park gymnasium. Clearly if a person has paid for membership of a gym it seems reasonable that the equipment should be working. I have been pressing for action on this.

If you use the gym, please let me know if the situation improves or not.

See below for the reply from the Council:

"We have experienced a number of problems with the Gym equipment at Palmer Park Sports Stadium and for a period we looked to change the people we were using to undertake the servicing and repair work to the equipment in the gym. This was based upon both cost, but also an attempt to improve the response times to equipment failure.
Unfortunately during the period of time that we have been evaluating these options, we have both suffered a lot of equipment failure and found some other companies service is no better than the original suppliers. We have therefore now reverted back to Matrix as the suppliers of the equipment. They have now undertaken the majority of the repairs but frustratingly they are now reporting there is a problem with part availability for some pieces of equipment. As they are the original suppliers we are unlikely to be able to source parts from elsewhere.
We are continuing to chase Matrix to get all the equipment back in use as soon as possible and are discussing with them service level agreements in order to try to improve response times further. As pointed out by one of your constituents, we are also experiencing some problems with television signals or cabling. All three companies involved in this element of work are reporting it is not their equipment that is not working. We are continuing to try to resolve this urgently.
The staff are committed to delivering high quality customer service and can only apologise if the constituents did not receive the feedback they should expect."

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