Monday, 26 November 2012

Reading's Olympic legacy

One of my constituents asked a few weeks ago about what Reading's Olympic legacy was. A little bit of research later and here goes:

– following the successful bid to get the torch to Reading many residents will have priceless memories
– talks are going on about keeping the Olympic year events website running
– a local fundraising dinner raised enough money to employ a sports youth worker for the next four years
– many trees were planted including I am informed "Olympic Avenue" in prospect Park
– a new exhibition was created at the museum on Reading's sporting past which brought new items into the museum's collection and will hopefully spawn a book

Sports clubs in Reading have also seen a surge in membership.

I am sure that I have missed stuff so apologies in advance. I am sure that you will let me know.

Not bad for a volunteer committee with a £0 budget. Well done to everyone on the Reading 2012 partnership and involved in many, many other ways.

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