Friday, 23 November 2012

Come along to prayer for Gaza demo in the Reading #rdg

On Saturday there will be a demonstration about the conflict in Gaza – organised when the fighting was more intense – but still going ahead to remember the dead. Also because the current ceasefire is little more than a small plaster over a gaping wound which will simply just burst open again if we don't get a fair political solution to the situation.

The issue of peace is close to my heart. I first got active in politics during the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, marching with 1 million other people against this illegal war.

The situation in the occupied territories is consistently depressing. There is the occupation, the severe restrictions on movement of people and the illegal settlements. And ultimately the impact of this on human life.

With the current escalation the latest statistics on the death toll which I just heard on the radio are 160 Palestinian deaths against five Israeli deaths. I obviously condemn the violence against civilians from both sides.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has been lobbying the government on this issue to back the ceasefire and take a stronger stance with Israel.

Green MEP for Reading Keith Taylor has been active on the subject of the trade relationship between Europe and Israel.

Please join the Facebook group and come along to remember the dead and press for a political solution to this situation.

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