Friday, 9 November 2012

Improved lighting in Palmer Park #rdg

A number of residents have raised the issue of lighting in Palmer Park with us. For a number of years we have been lobbying on this. Progress has been slow, but we are now close to getting some more lighting installed. This is great news for park users and local businesses.

Let me know what you think.

For more information see the briefing and map below.

Palmer Park lighting plan 1_2000 green phase revised-page-001

"Following numerous enquiries about lighting in Palmer Park, in August 2011 we obtained from SSE Contracting quotations to install lighting. Because resources are limited, we requested that quotations be supplied for three phases of work as shown on the attached plan:
Green: from the car park to the library/Wokingham Road/St Bartholomew’s Road, with a spur through the play area to the main driveway (this is the pedestrian route used most often on winter evenings and about which most enquiries have been received)
Blue: from the car park to the Wokingham Road/Palmer Park Avenue corner (also frequently used)
Red: from the car park to the London Road
The quotations were as follows:
Green: £8,956.74 or £13,106.34 (depending on the type of lamp used)
Blue: £6,6060.96 or £8,268.21
Red: £19,940.00 or £22,740.00
These quotations were for standard fittings (rather than heritage fittings to match the originals).
Having approval from Cabinet to spend capital in Palmer Park, and on the understanding that most queries about lighting have been about the ‘green’ route, we negotiated with SSE the installation of lighting along this route, and placed an order in September for heritage fittings to match the existing (which will look better in this area). The order includes full Mayflower CMS to allow for more energy and Co2 saving if required. The value of the order is £12,500. On 3 October, I was informed that SSE does not have in stock the lantern for which they quoted, and they are looking for a substitutes."

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