Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Reading means business on climate change #rdg

I thought people might be interested in this:    

Reading (Still) Means Business on Climate Change
June 27th, 4.45 – 7pm, Civic Centre, Kennet Room
Just a reminder about the event to progress the Reading Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, following the launch of the consultation by the Reading Climate Change Partnership in January.

The Climate Change Strategy will influence which actions and projects are a priority for Reading over the next few years.
We are using the ideas from the January event, as well as those we’ve gathered since, and turning them into strategy and actions for each of the themes we have identified.
If you would like to see the ideas we have so far, and add some of your own, please have a look at the forums at
Please register for the event at
We look forward to hearing your views,
Sally Coble
Chair of Reading Climate Change Partnership

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