Monday, 25 June 2012

Grass #rdg

If like me you have been noticing that some of our grass verges are slowly turning into woodland, here is the explanation:

Dear Councillor
You may have received a number of enquiries about the grass cutting within the Borough.  I thought it would be helpful to provide some background information. 
Please accept my apologies if you have already received this information. 
Approximately 18 months ago the frequency of grass cutting was reduced from 10 to 5 cuts per year, with each cut taking between 6-7 weeks to complete. 
This year the timings of the cuts are as follows:
Cut 1 = 19 March to 27 April
Cut 2 = 30 April to 15 June
Cut 3 = 18 June to 27 July
Cut 4 = 30 July to 7 September
Cut 5 = 10 September to 19 October
On occasions, the timing of some of the cuts may vary a little depending upon the weather conditions.  Last year we had very little rain at the start of the growing season and as a result the grass was slow in growing.  This season however, the prolonged periods of rain after the dry early spring, have not only hugely speeded up the grass growth, but has also made cutting much slower and when the grass is wet, the quality of the finish will be poorer.  
The reduction in cuts meant we went from 4 ride-on machines to 2, but we also keep a 3rd machine as a spare so that we could introduce this if we started to slip behind schedule.   We reintroduced this 3rd machine a few weeks ago which has allowed us to largely keep up with the schedule of cutting.  However, even with the additional machinery, we are still running 3-4 days behind schedule.  We have also engaged a contractor to ensure we remain on schedule.
The running order of cutting by ward is:
Whitley, Church, Katesgrove, Redlands, Park, Abbey, Caversham, Peppard, Thames, Mapledurham, Battle, Tilehurst, Kentwood, Norcot, Southcote, Minster.
Sometimes, it is necessary to review these schedules, but we expect to be working to this order for the remainder of the season.
We have just commmenced our 3rd round of cuts (Cut 3) and our teams are currently working in Whitley and Southcote. 

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