Monday, 2 April 2012

Reading Technical Academy update

I just got the following update from Reading Technical Academy. Unfortunately they are still talking children from age 14 upwards. If this school goes ahead on the Crescent Road site – which hasn't been confirmed – we may miss the opportunity of a school for children from 11 upwards on the site:

Dear Stakeholder,

RE: Reading Technical Academy consultation process

You will have no doubt heard of the plans to open an exciting new 14-19 Technical Academy in Reading. We are currently in the process of consulting on the proposals for this new school and would value your contribution. You can access the Reading Technical Academy consultation brochure, which provides an outline of the proposals, via the following link:

If you would like to read more on the proposals please visit the Technical Academy's website

You can also fill in our online questionnaire at this address.

We are holding two public meetings and one drop in open event to discuss the proposals on 18th April, 23rd April and 2nd May respectively - further details available within the consultation brochure and on the website. Members of the Sponsors and the Technical Academy project team will be present at these events to present and discuss the proposals for the Technical Academy.

If you have any comments you wish to make which cannot be expressed through the submission of a questionnaire please email us on

Please submit any comments or complete the consultation questionnaire by the close of consultation on the 11th May 2012.


Reading Technical Academy team

Contact us at:

Read about the Academy at:

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