Friday, 6 April 2012

Park Ward campaign update

Nominations are now closed for the local elections on Thursday May 3. In Park Ward we have candidates from the two main parties – Green and Labour – as well as the minor parties in the ward – Conservative and Lib Dem ; ). Below are the candidates:

Jamie Whitham – Green
Rachael Chrisp – Labour & Co-op
Laurence Taylor – Conservative
Hoyte Swager – Lib Dem

Click here for a full list of candidates across Reading.

The Chronicle this week tipped Jamie Whitham to win in Park Ward for the Green Party (first place, 1585 votes in 2011), which is great but I am a bit more cautious. Looking at the other parties, the Lib Dems (fourth place, 123 votes in 2011) have not put out a newsletter in the ward all year so I predict their vote will drop if it hasn't already hit rock bottom. I didn't even know who the Conservative (third place, 732 votes in 2011) candidate was until he was nominated and they haven't put out a newsletter since last year so I think it is safe to assume their vote will drop too. But Labour (second place, 1213 votes in 2011), although they have been quiet for most of the year, are having an election push, are doing okay nationally, and so are harder to predict.

We have been active over the whole year though on parking, schools, 20 miles an hour and many other things in the ward. Not to mention Reading-wide successes on renewables, a living wage and reintroducing bus fare concessions. We have knocked on every door out of election time, produced regular ward newsletters and completed hundreds of items of casework.

Our canvassing is going well so far, but we are not taking anything for granted and will be working hard up to 10 PM on election day to make sure Jamie Whitham is elected as our third Green councillor in the ward. Electing Jamie will allow us to get more done locally and give us a greater say on council policy.

Please vote Green, get your friends, family and work colleagues to do the same and get in contact if you want to help the campaign more formally.

Also, there is still time to register to vote – you need to do this if you haven't had a polling card yet – or register for a postal vote. The deadline for both is April 18. If you live in Park Ward get in contact and we can drop you round a form.

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