Monday, 16 April 2012

More wildflowers in Palmer Park

You may have noticed a section of Palmer Park near the library being dug up recently. This is part of a project on pollination. More information below:

"I am pleased to be able to inform you that the Parks Department hasagreed to involvement in a country wide project to study pollinating insects inan urban environments, farms and nature reserves.  This project will takeplace over two years and will involve sowing flowers in fifteen parks with eachhaving an area of 300 square metres.  Within these fifteen areas five willbe sown with perennial flowers and ten with annual flowers.  Palmer Park has been chosento be sown with annuals which will take place before the end of themonth.  The process for this work will involve spraying the area to killthe existing grass, rotivation and then seeding.  I will be providing informationon the site to inform the public of the project.  The bulk of thesurveying of the sites for pollinators will take place during the second yearof the project."

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