Thursday, 8 September 2011

More on Maiden Erlegh including the estimated cut-off

Recently I blogged about the Office of the Schools Adjudicator's announcement that Wokingham's new catchment area tie-breaker for Maiden Erlegh was ‘unfair’. And that the adjudicator had instructed the school to go back to using radial distance. I thought that this was an improvement on Wokingham's proposal -- and I still think this.

However having now considered the verdict in more detail I don't think it is as good news as it might have been. This is because the adjudicator chose to stick with the enlarged catchment. This means some Park Ward residents will still be worse off.

See this website for a map showing the estimated cut-off.

There is more analysis of the report here.

We are talking to officers about what can be done to correct this injustice. Unfortunately though I believe we are stuck with the current system for this year. However Maiden Erlegh could change the rules in the future if it wanted to, but any change is going to mean someone loses out. What we really need is a new secondary school in the area. But things have gone quiet on this...

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