Saturday, 17 September 2011

20 mph, Talfourd one-way plug and access study

It was a busy Traffic Management Advisory Panel earlier in the week with a Talfourd one-way plug, pedestrian crossings and the Easton Area Access Study on the agenda.

Residents had came along to support measures to end the Mexican stand-offs in Talfourd Avenue. I backed them up and both the one-way plug scheme and the 20 mph speed limit scheme for the wider area got the green light.

The removal of crossings -- Jackson's corner, outside the station and near to the hospital -- was discussed. There have been some minor improvements to the first two crossings, but they have been wrapped up in a six-month review which reports in November. I spoke of the urgency to reinstate the crossings and plans to improve the situation near to the hospital have been brought forward. However, with the legal consultations etc it is still going to take a while.

The other item of interest on the agenda was the Easton Area Access Study to look into improving Cemetery Junction and the surrounding corridors for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. We have been lobbying for this study for a number of years so I was pleased to finally see it getting going.

As usual things never move as quickly as I would like, but all in all a positive meeting.


Rob M said...

While you are looking at one way roads, etc, can I suggest a couple of other changes to consider in the local area:

1) Cumberland Road - change part of the current one way road to two way to allow trafic from the access road behind the Co-op and The Warehouse back onto London Road (remaining one way from the start of the residential part on the west of the road through to Orts Road).

2) Eastern Avenue - similarly move the restriction at the junction with Wokingham Road back to behind the access to parking behind the shops, possibly with a left turn only onto Wokingham Road.

Rob White said...

Thanks. I will pass these comments on to officers.