Monday, 4 July 2011

Students moving out

Just completed a tour of the bits of the ward -- Pitcroft Avenue, Grange Avenue and the roads in between -- with more students living to see how the move out was going. In previous years the council has laid on a number of extra collections. This year they are doing it differently -- more efficiently to save money. Obviously this has caused some concern that roads might be left in a mess.

So I'm pleased to report that the areas with lots of students are looking good -- dare I say it, even better than normal term time. Therefore I think so far this change has been a success.

One of the challenges now is to make sure other bits of the ward with fewer students and areas with students moving out at odd times are kept on top of. Let me know of any overflowing bins, furniture dumped on the pavement etc and I will report this to Streetcare -- please supply as much information as possible.

The other challenge is to lay down the law to the minority of landlords who see this time of the year as a good opportunity to get rid of furniture, mattresses etc illegally. Again, get in contact if you notice this happening.

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